Special Issue on refugee migration to Europe published


The recent CPoS special issue pays special attention to the issues that have been explored in Europe during and since the refugee movements of 2015 and 2016. It analyses refugee migration to Europe from different perspectives with a special focus on regional and municipal levels. For refugee studies, the municipal level is of great importance, because first, the basic necessities of life, from food to shelter, must be provided by local institutions. And second, integration processes primarily take place at this level. In contrast to other forms of migration, this dependency of refugees on local authorities is significantly greater, as is the challenge for local offices to organise the financial and human resources to meet the obligation to secure basic needs.

The issue is truely interdisciplinary and offers selected studies from human geography, sociology, anthropology and demography.

Find all papers here: https://comparativepopulationstudies.de/index.php/CPoS/S_ISSUE