What about the Urban Periphery? The Effects of the Urban Renaissance in the Mersey Belt

Sebastian Dembski, Andreas Schulze Bäing, Olivier Sykes


Cities in the UK have undergone an urban renaissance since the late 1990s, when New Labour started an initiative of the same name. However, the effects of urban growth have been limited mainly to the cores of second-tier cities, creating new challenges in the urban fringe of city regions and for cities outside the major agglomerations. In this article, we examine the process of reurbanisation in the Manchester and Liverpool city regions and to take a closer look at on one of the local authorities in the fringe of these city regions which is trying to grapple with the challenges posed by a new urban age. We find increasing evidence that places in the spatial in-between of urban regions face particular challenges as a result of the urban renaissance, with the already problematic areas requiring increased attention to avoid structural urban problems similar to that of the inner urban areas in the past.


* This article belongs to a special issue on reurbanisation


Urban Renaissance; Reurbanisation; Urban Periphery; City Regions; Small and Medium Towns

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DOI (PDF): http://dx.doi.org/10.12765/CPoS-2017-14en

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